Name: Chloe Friesen

Family: Son Stan, daugher in law Cindy, and three granddaughters

Profession: Continuing Care Aid - currently in House Keeping

Age: 52

Years in Grenfell: 21

What is something you're looking forward to in 2018?

Next friday will be my last day with House Keeping, and then I start with Central Scheduling. I'm looking forward to that. And no scrubs anymore! So I'm busy sewing some skirts this summer.

What is the coolest thing you're doing right now, personally or professionally?

Well, new job. I get to see my grandkids every day now with that. That's a biggie. I'll get to be with them in the mornings. Also, my son and I are getting his house ready. The whole house will be bones by the end of summer, and then we'll insulate. I go up for three or four days, and just go hard, renovating. Then he spends the next two weeks getting rid of the stuff I've ripped off of the walls and ceilings!

What is your favorite smell and favorite sound?

My favorite sound is kids. Kids. All ages. That's the biggest thing that I miss since I live alone. Stan's not here anymore, the boys aren't here anymore (referring to Stan and his buddies) and I miss the noise. Sometimes it's just nice to hear the noise. Favorite smell - today... honeysuckle. My honeysuckle is in bloom today. 

How different was your life a year ago?

Not much! Life's been about the same for the last seven years - kids, babysit, work, babysit, work, babysit, work, babysit, work. 

What does home mean to you?

Family. Plain and simple. Family. The more the better. Oh, and music. Home is music. There's always music going on, no matter who's around. 

Do you play a musical instrument?

I play the piano a little, and the organ a little. I used to play more. When my grandma was alive, she was teaching me, that was when I was 6, 7, 8  years old. I play off and on, but not regularly. I couldn't sit down and play something. I'd have to sit down and plunk away at it, and read the notes and practice if I wanted to play something.  I am learning to play guitar. I play drums a little bit. I do come from a very musical family. I grew up around music. I just went to Regina and listened to my aunt and uncle in their band. Lots of singing, lots of dancing, lots of performing in our family. My cousin has a band, Bend SinisterDan Moxon is the lead. That's my youngest cousin on my dad's side. My mom and dad run the country music jam in Spy Hill. They're getting up there in age though, and it's every month, 10 months a year. Dad sets up all the equipment. If you play an instrument, you show up with your instrument, and everyone sits around in a cirlce. The mics are all set up, the sound, and everybody gets up in turn, plays or sings a song, then sits down. I'm not brave enough to play in front of anyone like that, so I get up and sing, and my dad backs me up or the "house band". The Gaff Brothers. They get up and play and people come and watch. The museum puts on a little lunch and collects a silver collection at the door. 

What are your retirement plans?

I have June 2nd, 2023 as my retirement day. The first day of retirement. That's less than five years away. Then I'll move to Moose Jaw. Whether Stan was there or not, I've always wanted to live in Moose Jaw. 

What talent do you wish you had that you don't?

I actually wish I could act, like my niece does. My sister's girls go to the Regina Christian School and they do a play every year. My nieces have always had bigger parts in these plays. My youngest niece was Marilla, from Anne of Green Gables. She just nailed the sternness of the character. She did great with her soliloque, when Matthew died. She's just amazing. She's got a beautiful voice, and she can do the big parts. They've done Annie, and Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz. It looks like fun. It's something we used to play around with as kids. But we lived in a different town than where we went to high school, and my mom didn't drive. So  there were no extra curricular activities - you got on the bus after school and came home. You couldn't stay, because there was nobody to pick you up later. So we never really got the opportunities to do stuff like that in high school. So ya, that would be something I wish I could do. 

 If you could live as a different nationality, what would it be?

I'm German. I'm almost full German. And I don't think I'd want to be anyone else. I like being me. I like my culture. I was married on Cowessess to Alan Friesen, and the native culture really intrigues me. But I don't know if I'd want to be native either. I like being German.

If you could have a different career, what would it be?

I would have loved to have been an entertainer, from when I was small, small, small, that's what I've wanted to be. An entertainer - actor, singer, dancing. I love it all.