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Name: David Wicks

Family: Married to Liz Wicks, with four children

Profession: Senior Pastor at Grenfell Apostolic Church

Years living in Grenfell: 4 years in June

Age: 41


What is something interesting about you that other people might not know?

I actually really like to sew. I am pretty good at sewing.  I fix guys jeans. I used to sew kites. I used to make giant kites and sew them together. That's how I learned. And I actually look for things to fix. I have my own sewing machine. But don't tell anyone.


What do you want to be remembered for?

Oh man.  I guess I have to answer that... I just think, this could make me emotional. This question matters alot to me. The legacy I leave behind in my life, whatever I leave behind really matters to me. It makes me think about my dad. I want to be remembered as somebody who loved his family, who loved his wife. Who was willing to do the hard things, even though they weren't the easy things. Someone who was willing to make a difference in the world, to sacrifice, you know, their own well being... their own happiness, so that others could be happy. I want to be remembered as someone who cared about others, who was thoughtful... I don't know. Someone who was a servant. That's all really deep stuff. But I don't care about money. I don't want to be remembered as someone who was rich or wealthy or even successful. I want to be remembered as someone who did the small things right. You know, loved their family, loved their kids. I don't want to be remembered as someone who was afraid. I want to be remembered as someone who was brave and was willing to do the hard things.

What scar do you have that tells the best story?

This would have been a few years ago, back when I was living in Vancouver. I used to volunteer and build mountain bike trails, way up in the mountains. About two weeks before, I had fallen and got stitches in my right hand, and this was two weeks after that. I was up using my saw, and the saw slipped and I cut pretty deep, a serious gash on my left hand and I was by myself. It was pretty scary. I was bleeding a lot, so I took off my shirt and used it as a tournaquet, or bandage, and I wrapped it up and it was all red and bloody. I ended up basically running down, back to my car and as I was running down the mountain these two little old ladies were walking up this trail. I think they thought I was an axe murderer. I mean I had an ax on my back, a saw, I had tools jiggling in my backpack, and this bloody stump. I'm sure they thought I was a murderer.  And I remember them just cowering in fear as I ran by. I eventually got back to my car and drove home. I had just gotten stitches in the other hand, and I remember the freezing really hurt. So I was like, I'm not going to go get stitches. I'm just going to glue it shut. So I glued it together myself with crazy glue and a week later I thought, I'd better go to the doctor and get this checked out. The doctor said, "Wow! You did a really good job. Better than the stitching I could have done". So that's my story about a scar

What is something you did in the last 24 hours that made someone's day better?

Does it have to be exactly 24 hours?? Could it be like 36 hours? Yesterday I stayed home from work and I watched the kids for the day so my wife could go to Regina and shop and have fun. So I'm sure that made her day better, because I was sure ready to leave the kids for a bit when she got home. I appreciate everything she does so much.

Have you ever done anything dangerous?

Yes. This has to do with mountain biking. The mountain biking I used to do in Vancouver was pretty extreme. I wouldn't do it now, cause having kids, I just wouldn't do it. It's too risky. But this one trail in North Vancouver, there's a very famous stunt called the Pile Driver. It's basically a wooden ladder you ride up on your bike, and you ride out off this cliff and it's like a 20 foot drop. And you land on this little tiny trail and keep going down. I had been scared of it for years. I was actually working on that part of the trail with a friend and I had my bike there and I saw this guy come down and he jumped off it. And I just said in my head, ok.. That's it. I'm not being scared of this anymore. I got on my bike and went off it, and landed and I was fine. But definitely, the way the rocks and the trees are, if you landed that wrong, you'd be in serious trouble. I've done other dangerous things, but that's the one that stood out.

What life event changed you?

Boy, this one gets personal. 2006, I went through a divorce. Long story, and there's no time for it here, but it definitely changed the way I looked at life, the way I looked at myself. It made me think differently about the legacy I wanted to leave, what my purpose in life was and why I was here. It was really hard, but it definitely changed me more than anything else I've ever gone through. I don't think anyone would like the person that I used to be, but I hope you like me now.. but ya. It definitely changed me. 

How old were you when you got married and where was it?

I don't know if I can remember how old I was. We were married in 2008. So it'll be 10 years in June, so that means I was 31. We got married in Pennsylvania...I'm trying to think of the small town it was near. It's kind of near Harrisbourg. It was at an old saw mill.

What's the best thing about getting older?

Oh, this one sucks! (laughter) What's the best thing about getting older? I'm going to say appreciating life, more and more. You appreciate everything you have.  Every day that you're healthy and you're able to do stuff, you appreciate it. 

If you could live as a different nationality, what would it be?

No question, I would love to be Filipino. My wife and I lived there for almost five years, and they are the most amazing culture, as far as like, family values, and community building and taking care of eachother. Respect. They just seem to be the most happy people. They can weather any storm. There's a Filipino saying that says they can live anywhere, because they make family anywhere they go.

What's the best thing that happened to you this week?

Oh, I got my 3D printer in the mail. I'm pretty pumped about that!