10 Questions - A Community Connection Project


Well friends, I had a blast doing this! My original plan was to do a full year - one interview/conversation per week, for 52 weeks. I've been making sure to squeeze in a get together each week since last April. I started doing it just on the cusp of getting very busy with my springtime work schedule. I kept it up for quite awhile, throughout a busy work schedule for summer and fall, and even right up until Christmas. As much as I don't like the idea of stopping early, I've made the decision to wrap things up at 39 interviews. I enjoyed each and every one, and I really wish that time would permit me to keep on doing them. They are, however, quite time consuming, and with running my own business, being on many boards and being a volunteer for a number of different things (oh, and not to mention being a mom and wife!), I'm just finding it a little tricky to keep up. So, after much consideration and thought, I've decided that I did what I set out to do - connect community members to eachother on a little bit deeper level, by helping us to discover more about one another. So now, my time has come to a close with this project. I really, really wanted to fit in another 13 interviews, but I'm just finding I'm stretching myself in too many different directions and had to let some things go.


Thank you to all who were a part of this, who said yes to sitting down with me when you didn't even understand what you were getting into exactly! And thank you to everyone who faithfully tuned in every friday morning to read the latest post.  I appreciate all of the support and I enjoyed getting to know these 39 wonderful people a little better. 


I hope that as we meet new people in our community, we'll take the time to get to know them better. That we will maybe understand others better when we know what they've been through, and know that there is more to people than what we assume about them, or what we see on the outside. Each one of us has a story to tell, and a past that has shaped us. Take time to learn about the people around you. Take time to hear their stories. Let grace replace judgement. Assume the best about people, and search for the wonderful qualities they possess.  Find beauty in everyday, and take the time to enjoy this little community of Grenfell, and the people in it.  

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